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Alaskan Malamutes are large dogs: males grow to approximately 85lbs. The traits that made them so suited to their original function as long distance freighting dogs; strength, endurance, independence and intelligence, are still with them today. They are accomplished excavators and need plenty of exercise. They moult twice a year so an allergy to hair will be a major problem.

Malamutes are pack dogs and hierarchy plays an important role in their lives. The family becomes their pack. They will try to challenge the family for the alpha role in the pack. They must not be allowed to succeed. From the point at which the Alaskan Malamute joins your family you must lay down the ground rules and administer them in a consistent and firm manner. You should not allow a puppy to do anything you will not want the adult to do.

It is important that the dog is socialised with other people and other dogs. Training should start by taking the puppy to obedience classes.
In summary you need to be willing and able to:
  • Devote the time and energy necessary to train and socialise the dog;
  • Spend the time necessary to exercise the dog each and every day regardless of weather;
  • Provide a clean and healthy living environment for the dog;
  • Afford any necessary veterinary treatment;
  • Make a long term commitment, which may be twelve years or more, to take full responsibility for a living creature depending solely upon you for its health, training and love.