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We will, as previous seasons, run a “Points System” for the weight pulls. This system allows competing dogs (excluding Novice Class) to collect points throughout the season for awards to be given at the end of the year for "overall" placings. So there are actually two contests going on; the daily event, and the overall season event. Also awarded will be the "Most Weight Pulled" and "Times Body Weight" (dog that pulled the most weight times their own body weight).

To earn points, a dog must complete the first round of that pull event for an automatic 5 "qualifying" points. Additional points are earned by the place the dog finishes in, and are based on the number of dogs in the class. The last place qualifying dog will earn one point (6 total for the event), and each higher place earns one additional point. The formula is (# of qualifying dogs in class - (dog's place - 1) + qualify points). If a dog does not qualify, the dog earns 0 points for that day's pull.

NOTE: A dog may place in more than one class due to body weight fluctuation. The points a dog earns stay in the class they were earned in.

As the season progresses, the class tables will be updated with the point totals for the dogs in each class. The complete listing will be available at each weight pull. The complete results for each weight pull will also be available.

NOTE: To be eligible for the "Most Weight Pulled", "Most Times Body Weight" and “Overall Class Placing” awards, a dog MUST have qualified in a minimum of 50% of weight pulls for that season.

Keith & Myra Butler
Andy Scott & Jackie Wheatley