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Allerton Park Weight Pull Trophy Awards 2008/09

The Lord and Lady Mowbray Trophy for Highest Percentage Chena Forster
The Arcticdawns Salver for Most Weight Pulled Dash Campbell and Elliott
41-60lb Class
The Hawkam Trophy for 1st Place Chloe Butler
The Kaytoo Trophy for 2nd Place Sika Forster
The Snowolf Trophy for 3rd Place Amy Scott and Wheatley
61-80lb Class
The Kachemak Trophy for 1st Place Chena Forster
The Cedarcreek Trophy for 2nd Place Logan Howarth
The Stormwinds Trophy for 3rd Place Porsche Sheehan
81-100lb Class
The Brandelle Trophy for 1st Place Womble Sheehan
The Icebound Trophy for 2nd Place PJ Page
The Tarkipark Trophy for 3rd Place Ciela Betts
Over 100lb Class
The Amaqqut Trophy for 1st Place Kodi Sheehan
The Shomont Trophy for 2nd Place Dash Campbell and Elliott
The Oscar Trophy for 3rd Place Spike Smith